To start with, here's my home!


Gurudwara at home (Chandigarh, 2002)


Home! (Chandigarh, 2002)





Now a little about me!


         This was me !(1997)                                                                                   UK - 1977



                  Nursery (Chandigarh, 1979)                             St. John's High School (Chandigarh, 1987)


My niece, Sana, after a bath [so sweet]! (2001)                            Sana in Shimla (2002)


                My friend Abhay, who patiently                                       Another "hi-fi computer friend",
    taught me computer skills! (Chandigarh 2002)                        Ramandev (Chandigarh 2002)


        With Rattan at Times Square at New York, and Manhattan, NY viewed from ferry (May 2002)


 While taking off from Newark, NJ (May 2002) & Dawn: Another flight; Toronto- London (Dec. 2002)


   Same flight: just before landing at London                                  Golden Temple, Amritsar


Now about a day in history: the blackout in Eastern USA & Canada
 on August 14, 2003 - Pictures that I took in Toronto



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